Grocery Store News

  • produce-table-display-bins-cat1Due to corporate mismanagement our grocery store closed along with another 134 other locations, abruptly April 18th of 2016. We are now a 97 mile round trip to the closest store! We Deserve FRESH FOOD at a reasonable price.
  • Because of the way the store closed; Banks, Federal and State funding see our store as a startup even though it has been in business for over 40 years. That means interest rates for a loan to buy the stock for the store are 12-20% which is way too much. Those rates will make your food more expensive.


  • Do you want to help? Have shopping be convenient and fun again? Get Fresh food , all your favorites and organic too? Help to get our store open quicker? Have the best pricing we can?
  • It will take $150,000.00 to open the doors to the store, I have 25,000 right now.
  • I propose that we Crowdfund the $100,000.00 it takes to stock the store with food and I will borrow the rest. That money basically just sits in the store with product rotating through.
  • If we collectively participate and donate a small amount each we can open much sooner and the food will cost less as the store won’t be paying a high interest rate loan.


  • We have 8-10,000 people in our service area.
  • For Example: If 4000 people donated 25.00 we can open
    If 1000 people donate 100.00 we can open
  • On this crowdfunding campaign I will be offering 12 different benefits for donating.
    The donations will range from 5.00-5,000 with 12 steps in between.
    We can run it for 30 or 60 days.
    15 days after the campaign ends the store receives the money.

This will be an ALL or NOTHING Campaign.

If we don’t reach our goal, everyone’s money is refunded.

We will all have to share this far and wide so that it works.
This will be a community effort.
Crowdfunding can be our Tipping Point; Let’s make it happen!

Creating the crowdfunding site will take a few more days.cropped-download-3.jpg