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Sinking prices and monthly sales

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The good news continues at B Street Market. Our membership with INFRA has been fully implemented and this has allowed us to slash prices this week on 1,293 items! That’s right! We have lowered prices on over one thousand two hundred items!

And if this were not enough, we are starting our monthly sales program this coming Thursday! This means every month we will be bringing in special deals to help you stock up on your favorite foods. You can check our monthly deals by clicking on our website’s “Monthly INFRA Deals” menu option above or by picking up a flyer at the store.

The goal is to make healthy food as affordable as possible for our community. This is really special. Even though good food at affordable prices should be available in every community, not everyone has this option.

Let’s join together in making this a reality in Mountainair. We can’t do this without your continued support.